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First approved June 2004
Revised March 2010
Revised May 2013

Revised March 2019

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The name of this organization shall be the Brooks School PTO, Inc., to be referred to as “Brooks PTO”.



A. Vision

The creation of a cooperative relationship among the Brooks PTO, students, families, teachers and administrators of the Brooks Elementary School will ensure educational excellence, promote the well-being of children, and strengthen the entire community.


B. Mission

The Mission of the Brooks PTO is to provide a bridge between the home and school so that parents/guardians, teachers, and administrators may work together in a cooperative environment to enhance and enrich the educational experience of all students attending the Brooks Elementary School. The Brooks PTO will provide resources for educational, social, and recreational needs, and promote open communication among and between all members of the Brooks community.


C. Values

1. The Organization The Brooks PTO:

a. will be an independent, non-commercial, non-sectarian, and non-partisan advocate for the children of the Brooks Elementary School

b. will operate in a constructive manner, comply with established policies and procedures, and respect, encourage and tolerate diversity of opinion

c. members agree to accept their responsibilities under these Bylaws to ensure that the Brooks PTO remains a robust and active organization

d. values innovation, communication, openness, and diversity.


2. Education

The Brooks PTO will strive to encourage and enhance cooperation and communication among the teachers, school administrators and staff, students, and their families. The Brooks PTO believes that children will be motivated to become life-long learners when nurtured in a thriving learning environment that includes the participation of families, schools, and community.


Brooks Elementary School PTO

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